Chattanooga Chapter

Meet your Chapter Leaders

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Dana Passman -

Chapter Co-Chair

I first appreciated outdoor climbing while going to school in Boone, NC, where the grades are sandbagged but the climbing culture was inspiring. I considered myself as a sport-climber in the beginning, but switched gears to bouldering after a year of climbing. After taking a cross-country climbing road trip after college, I settled in Chattanooga where I met an incredible group of lady crushers to spend my free time with.

I am currently a weekend-warrior, but a dirtbag traveler at heart. I appreciate the outdoors for it's intrinsic value as well as the opportunities it provides to push our physical and mental boundaries. I am a strong advocate for the conservation of our public lands, and dedicate time to help LCO's trail days when they are available.

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Meira Shuman -

Chapter Co-Chair

Meira fell in love with rock climbing while studying Counseling at Appalachian State University. After graduating, she embarked on a cross-country rock climbing road trip, visiting some of the most beautiful climbing destinations this country has to offer.

She eventually settled in Chattanooga, TN, and feels grateful to be part of an incredibly rich outdoor and climbing community.

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Dylan Fuller -

Chapter Co-Chair

Dylan was born and raised in the close knit climbing community of Boone, NC. He then went to school in Southwest Virginia and ever since has been chasing the wettest climbing conditions by moving to Seattle and then Chattanooga. When not architecting, Dylan loves climbing any dry rock he can find from boulders to alpine.