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Spencer Johnson Miami Chapter.png

Spencer Johnson -

Chapter Chair

Spencer Johnson moved to Miami from New York City in 2017. Living in the concrete jungle of NYC for 8 years, Spencer started looking to the mountains and cliffs of New York state and New England for some reprieve. During the past couple of years climbing has become a passion. Trips to the Gunks or the New River are his favorite destinations. Alpine is the new flavor. Trips to New England in the winter or the Cascades and Rockies in the summer are a constant source of distraction from his work.

Bringing a chapter to Miami was a goal with one thing in mind. Get people outside and get them pumped about it. Gym climbing has blown up all over South Florida but, there is no greater feeling than topping out over a cliff outdoors.

You’ll always find him at the gym with his wife giving him beta and the softest catch.