Oklahoma City Chapter



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Meet your Chapter Leaders

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Levi Wilkins -

Chapter Co-Chair

Levi Wilkins cut his teeth on the golden granite of Oklahoma’s Wichita mountains and since then climbing has taken him all over Colorado, California, the Cascades, Canada, Alaska and Europe. Working as a firefighter and climbing guide from Norman, Oklahoma allows him time to both climb and spend time with his wife, son and daughter renovating historic homes.


Elisha Gallegos -

P.R. & Social Media Coordinator

Elisha Gallegos is a versatile rock climber, and an elementary art teacher. She currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She frequently climbs at The Wichita Wildlife Refuge and Quartz Mountain in the Southwestern area of Oklahoma during the weekends. She and her climbing partner travel around the country and Canada to experience other climbing and mountaineering areas. Her goals as a rock climber is to pursue her passion in adventure and pushing her limits, and as well giving back her talents and knowledge to the next generation.


Daniel Schuerch -

Education Coordinator

Daniel grew up in Oregon, Washington, and Florida, ultimately ending up in Oklahoma as it was the last place his family was stationed before graduating high school. While growing up, he always found ways to enjoy the outdoors regardless of where he lived.


Blake Batchelor -

Community Outreach Director

Blake Batchelor learned early on that living in the middle of Oklahoma has its perks. Climbing and hiking in the local Wichita Mountains, dipping across the border to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch & the Buffalo River in Arkansas, and making weekend warrior trips to Colorado to knock out 14ers are the regular for him. Blake does escape the Midwest from time to time.

Whether it's ultra-running the Grand Canyon R2R2R or climbing Mt. Rainier with three hours of car sleep after a red eye from Oklahoma, Blake is up for any type of adventure anywhere. In his daily life, Blake is an Attorney in Oklahoma City. He lives with his girlfriend Mariel, his adventure dog King, and his cat Wiz. He is also an avid outdoors photographer, trail advocate, and volunteer. If you ever need a tour of the Wichita Mountains, don't hesitate to hit him up!