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Steve Schreader - Midwest Section Chair & Twin Cities

Chapter Chair

Steve grew up in the Twin Cities metro area and has been an avid outdoors enthusiast since he was 5. Being involved in the BSA program as a youth he discovered the physically demanding, but not streamline, sport of rock climbing. Going all in throughout his high school and college days, Steve spent most of his time rock climbing at various gyms in the Twin Cities.

Since that time he has entered into the world of Mountaineering, having attempted Mt. Rainier and has summits on Pikes Peak, Mt. Baldy, and Long’s Peak. Looking to expand his mountaineering repertoire, he plans on combining Alpine Touring and Mountaineering in the near future. He hopes to share all the knowledge he has about climbing in the Twin Cities area to all those who wish to learn and to just have fun doing what we all love to do: CLIMB!!! He is looking forward to moving the Twin Cities Chapter into a direction that focuses on education and knowledge for all AAC members both veteran and new, by providing clinics and workshops to expand the skills of other climbers, be they newcomers or grizzled veterans.