Seriously? There are climbers in the Heartland? Of course! Some of the most dedicated, obsessed, and inspired climbers live the farthest from the biggest mountains. Every weekend of the year, rain or shine, heat or cold, these inspired climbers hike across golden plateaus, dry river beds, and narrow hollers seeking to meet their vertical addiction on every kind of rock in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.


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Meet Your Section Chair:


Jeremy Collins

Heartland Section Section Chair, Jeremy Collins cut his teeth (yes, BOTH teeth) climbing in the Heartland along the steep limestone walls of Missouri waterways, the sculpted sandstone of Arkansas, and the golden granite domes of Oklahoma. With over 200 first ascents in the Heartland, he ran out of fresh rock (choss) to climb, and has thus climbed virgin routes (really big, pretty choss) all over Colorado, Red Rocks, RMNP, Yosemite, Northern China, Patagonia, and more. As an artist, Jeremy’s work can be seen in every issue of Rock & Ice and Alpinist, as well as plenty of AAC and Access Fund fundraisers, and on his current apparel company, Meridian Line. Jeremy lives in Kansas City, Missouri (NOT Kansas!) with his lovely wife Tricia, their son Zion, and daughter Sela. If you are passing through Missouri on I-70, drop him a line. He may be able to give you a good tour of the local flavors (as long as he’s in town).